Associated Builders & Contractors


It is with great pleasure that Environmental Risk Managers in partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), announce the ABC Pollution Insurance Program.  This program is now available exclusively for all ABC Members.

Environmental accountability, responsibility and sustainability is being emphasized in today’s business environment more than ever.  Many ABC members have already experienced this through contracts requiring you to carry pollution liability insurance in order to procure work.  As this trend continues to rise, the ABC Pollution Insurance Program was developed to make you more competitive in today’s ever evolving business environment by offering educational resources, and access to broad pollution insurance coverage at discounted premiums. Environmental Liability Insurance (pollution insurance) is designed to fill gaps in your existing coverage that are created by total pollution exclusions, or limited pollution endorsements on your General Liability Policy.

In order to make an informed decision if the ABC Pollution Insurance Program can add value to your business model, you must first understand the environmental exposures impacting your business.  Our environmental Risk Assessment (eRA) for ABC Members is designed to get your team on the same page about the environmental exposures impacting your operations.

For questions or more information on the ABC Pollution Insurance Program, contact your local ABC Chapter, ABC Insurance Agent or Environmental Risk Managers.

This program is available at the following ABC Chapters – West Michigan, Southeast Michigan, Greater Michigan, Western Washington