New EPA Directive on PFAS Chemicals

If you breath air, drink water, consume food, you are impacted by and contribute to our PFAS / PFOA… contamination.  As I have said in the past, PFAS liabilities are going to make asbestos and lead look like elementary environmental issues.

PFAS contamination is not an IF situation.  It’s emerging and ongoing (Forever Chemicals) and impacting each one of us daily.  In Michigan, where I live, we have roughly 200 identified PFAS contaminated sites and guesstimates are this will grow to roughly 11,000, just in Michigan.  In the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, they are detecting PFAS chemicals in the rainwater.

Maine To Seek ‘Forever Chemical’ Contamination at Many Sites.  This link talks about PFAS chemicals in sewage sludge and paper mill sludge that has been applied as farm fertilizer.  This agricultural practice takes place around the country.

As environmental Strategist, our job is to assist businesses to manage and transfer their environmental exposures and PFAS is one you need to be prepared to coach client’s and prospects.

As the link below points out the Federal government is going to establish PFAS standards.  You want to make sure you are on the front side of this by getting your insureds to inventory what they use that contain PFAS chemicals and find out what alternatives are available for replacement.

As an example of how real PFAS liabilities are just click on the link below.  You can also go to Google and type “PFAS Liability Payments” and read for yourself all the businesses that are dealing with PFAS liabilities.  PFAS liabilities are going to impact businesses that manufacture, distribute, use, or sell PFAS chemicals or products that contain PFAS chemicals.

PFAS Chemicals in Breast Milk

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