MBIA Pollution Insurance Program


It is with great pleasure that Environmental Risk Managers, in partnership with the Michigan Boating Industries Association (MBIA), announce the MBIA Pollution Insurance Program. This program is now available exclusively for all MBIA members.

Environmental accountability, responsibility, and sustainability are being emphasized in today’s business environment more than ever.  Many in the marine industry have already experienced this, whether through Great Lakes conservation efforts, or customer contracts requiring pollution coverage. As this trend continues to rise, the MBIA Pollution Insurance Program was developed to provide members with educational resources, and access to broad pollution insurance coverage at discounted premiums. Environmental Liability Insurance is designed to fill gaps in coverage that are created by total pollution exclusions in most General Liability policies.

MBIA Pollution Insurance Program Member Benefits

MBIA members incorporating pollution insurance coverage as part of their risk transfer strategy can expect at a minimum to gain the following benefits.

  • Financial assurance mechanism to address clean up, third party bodily injury, third party property damage, third party business interruption, defense costs, investigation costs, claims management costs…. Pollution Liability coverage reduces job interruption due to environmental losses.
  • Discounted premiums
  • Financial assurance mechanism designed to meet the environmental indemnification requirements contained in customer/supplier contracts.
  • Open program meaning your current insurance agent can access the program for you, no need to make changes to your risk management team.
  • Offers a variety of coverage options so members can customize their pollution insurance coverage to add the most value to their business model.
  • Environmental educational resources so you are assured you make informed decisions to maximize time and resources in addressing the environmental exposures impacting your business.
  • Part of “Best Practices” for the marine industry because it assists members in growing their business while protecting assets and natural resources.
  • Assist you to sell against competitors that do not have pollution liability coverage by pointing out it is part of “Best Practices” for members and another reason to select an MBIA member for marine services.
  • Another great member benefit
  • If the MBIA Pollution Insurance Program cannot offer better coverage and pricing than your current CPL program you do not have to make a change. MBIA just wants to make sure our members are protecting their business while leveraging their sales.

Program Resources:

For more information, contact your MBIA insurance agent, or Brooks Bunbury with environmental Risk Managers, Inc. phone: (231) 218-1044